Create easily powerful PowerPoint presentations, with iSlide

iSlide is a free (with limitations and registration) add in for MS PowerPoint. It features several templates you can use to build your presentations. Although iSlide offers thousands of resources, in the free version you are allowed to use only a tiny portion of them (3 to 5 downloads a day), which, however, are enough if you create presentations only occasionally.

A nice feature of iSlide is that it lets you optimize your presentation easily (single click mode) to achieve consistent layout.

The add in lets you adjust a lot of parameters to customize your work as you need, even using templates, styles, pictures, icons, diagram libraries that will follow the layout of your presentation.

Note that iSlide lets you also export your presentation as video and in forms that won’t allow further editing, in case that you need some form of “locking” your work. Unfortunately iSlide wants your email address to let you use it. If you have no problem with that, go on and give it a try!

Download iSlide