Create charts in MS Access using custom graph types

There is a rumor that charts are not supported in MS Access, and that you have to export your data to Excel! I don’t know why this rumor exists, but it isn’t true! Here is how you can create a chart using a graph type of your choice in Access without the help of any other application. Just Access!

Note that Access may display the fields of your chart using long descriptions, such as “Sum of International Sales”. If you don’t want that, you need to change the field names of your chart’s datasheet by double (or right) clicking on your chart in design view.

This is not enough however; you need also to change these descriptions in the “Property Sheet” > “Data” of your chart (entering first the design view of your chart). For example in the query

SELECT (Format([Date],"DDDDD")),Sum([Files]) AS [SumOfFiles],Sum([Images]) AS [SumOfImages]

just remove the “SumOf” part.

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