If you uninstalled USB hubs and cannot use keyboard and mouse

I am surprised how irresponsible some sites can be, suggesting a fresh install of USB drivers after uninstalling the current ones! If you uninstall your USB hubs, you won’t be able to use your mouse and keyboard — and especially your keyboard is necessary to login (write your pin or password) and install new drivers or anything.

If you managed to bring yourself to this situation, if you cannot use your PC after you uninstalled USB drivers and your keyboard and mouse are useless, don’t be disappointed! First thing to know is that your PC most probably provides a PS/2 port, where you can try to connect a PS/2 keyboard (if you can find one!) or a USB to PS/2 converter that lets you connect your current USB keyboard to a PS/2 port.

If you don’t have a PS/2 port or if for any reason you cannot use it, note that your keyboard and mouse are still available and work just fine before you enter Windows, that is, while you start booting your PC, until you are invited to press del in order to enter BIOS settings — which you should do!

Enter the BIOS, change boot sequence to give priority to your CD/DVD drive or to a flash drive, wherever you have a resque disk or whatever necessary to start restoring an image of your system. This way you can return back in time, when all drivers where present and everything worked. As you can guess, to take advantage of this option you need to have been prudent enough, making one or more images of your system.

Personally I take an image of my system disk after any major Windows update or any major changes in my PC. Since my PS/2 port didn’t seem to work, restoring a system image was the only way to bring back my PC to life, after I uninstalled my USB hubs. Fortunately enough, this image I restored was only a month old, so I didn’t lose important changes of my system settings nor any app or program. Enjoy!