Comparing nine free top audio converters to find the best one

I convert a lot of audio files, mainly from lossless formats to MP3, since if you know the best bit rate for MP3 files, audio quality between MP3 and lossless formats remains unnoticed — or hardly noticed, only in case of extremely fine or “reference” recordings.

You can imagine that with so many free audio converters available, I really wanted to know the best one!

Of course, I did not compare everything! Nine free audio converters were tested side by side, and the results are available in two reviews. The first one is about Fre:ac vs Freemake vs Xrecode vs MediaHuman vs Free Audio Converter and the second one is about Free MP3 WMA Converter vs Efficient vs VSDC Free Audio Converter vs File Converter.

You are welcome to read both of these comparative reviews to know more about free audio converters and decide which one you’d like to use. Of course I select what I consider the best of them, but your choice may be different.