If MS Word is slow when you type, can you fix the lag?

If you work on a large document (I am on a 14 MB document, 400 pages, 98000 words) you may find yourself struggling to just type! I’ve searched for a solution only to find out that I should disable hardware acceleration and the actual display of pictures!

No joy! I guess those things might have worked for others, but not for me. Here is what you can try and see if your problem is solved.

First save your docx document in the previous, doc format.

Then at the Advanded Options \ Save, disable the option to “always create a backup copy.”

You may also need once in a while to restart Word. This clears the history that Words creates to let you undo your editing.

Make sure also that your drive is defragmented. That’s it! I hope you too will get rid of the lag torture! If you know of some other way to work around this problem, please let me know.