Share your web site on top social networks and eMail, or even translate it, with Socializer

Socializer! is an absolutely free, attractive and  convenient service that will let your web pages be shared even simultaneously on top social networks, including Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit and Twitter… Visitors of your pages will also have the chance to recommend them by eMail / gMail, get short url versions, translate them to their own language…

* This page presents the WordPress plugin for Socializer! If your site is based on some other platform, such as asp, non-Wordpress php, simple html, etc., please check the Javascript Edition — which you can use even on WordPress, if you need to place the sharing buttons on very unusual locations. This site, for example, uses both the WordPress plugin and the JavaScript edition.

* You can also use Socializer! on your browser as a visitor, to let yourself share easily with your friends and colleagues any site you want; just get the Bookmarklet for any browser, or extension for Chrome.

*   *   *

Socializer! for WordPress saves you a lot of bandwidth along with the patience of your visitors, since it loads only the popular networks, and the rest only on demand, letting your visitors enjoy your web site, keeping your pages fast and your code clean. Especially if your site is busy, you will appreciate this very much!

Note also that Socializer! is self-dependent, it does not interact with your database.

Socializer! shares in the top bookmarking and social sites, by eMail, even translates your content, lets your visitors explore more of your site using search engine indexes, it gives to your visitors HTML links and Share links, sort versions of your addresses…. It will also let you have a Follow button among the sharing icons, if you have a personal, business or fan page in Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.

Socializer! includes also a floating group of share icons that remains fixed, always visible in all sections (Home, Archives, Searches, Pages, Posts…), in a location you can define with absolute precision.

Using automatic detection of mobile phones, Socializer! lets you hide the floating icons, an option that requires from you to adjust your cache plugin (if you use any) to serve dynamic content to cellphone.

Install and configure the plugin

Unzip the archive and upload the “socializer” folder inside the plugins folder of your blog, or use the auto-setup from inside your WordPress blog.

All share bars and widgets are configured from the Socializer! main page at the Settings section of your blog.

You have options to choose what to share — posts or pages, or both posts and pages, place the sharing buttons at the top or bottom of your content, or in both locations. You have also the option to show or hide the Count of sharing icons appearing immediately on your pages, in case you don’t want your visitors to see how many times a page or post is shared, or if you just prefer a smaller version of the social group of icons.

Socializer! widget will let you share each and every page of your blog, and it can be placed wherever a widget can appear according to your theme. You can customize it with CSS styles, or change the button completely with one of yours. Another widget, a floating one, can be very useful especially if you have long posts.

If you are not very familiar with CSS editing, you can use the Socializer! Style Editor to customize the share bars according to the theme of your blog and achieve impressive results. Links to the Style Editor are included in the Settings of Socializer! in your dashboard.

A shortcode lets you create sharing instances wherever you need them.

Socializer! works perfectly with WordPress multisite MS / MU installations too. You can activate it globally, for all the sites of your network, or just install it on the main (network admin) site, leave it deactivated there, and activate it on (any number of) individual sites in your network.

Check the FQA for answers to questions you may have. Use the form on the same page to make suggestions (feature requests).

Socializer! is, and always will remain, absolutely free.

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  1. manus Pata says:

    Great plugin! I am using it on several blogs.

  2. Dan says:


  3. Jake Garcia says:

    I can’t imagine it any better! Thanks a lot!

  4. Kenny says:

    The sharing panel is so beautiful, I stare for hours before I share a new post with my Facebook friends. Sometimes I share a post only to see the panel! You rock!

  5. BusinessMan says:

    I used some other plugin that loaded various icons and scripts. After I started to use Socializer my pages became speedier. Thank you!

  6. Blogger says:

    +1 from me too. My blog is faster now! I recommended Socializer at my blog and at my Facebook page. Thanks!

  7. Andrian says:

    Really nice!

  8. Bob says:

    Made my blog faster.