Schedule work breaks even with reminders and exercises to avoid RSI, using Workrave

Workrave will help you in the recovery or prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), by alerting you to take micro-pauses and rest breaks from your computer work. Many programs do the same thing, and I must admit, they have not helped me, lacking some extra motive that would prevent skipping their alerts.

Workrave is effective in two ways; first, with the micro-pauses (“micro” is a Greek word meaning “small”), of a very short duration which I can bear (their frequency is also configurable), and second (and most important) with the offering of exercises during the large rest breaks. These exercises are mainly for hands and eyes, but the whole body gets some benefit.

I don’t know if Workrave lasts in my computer, but for the moment it has more chances than other rest alarms, because it is like a game.

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