Take regular breaks to avoid RSI, with Big Stretch Reminder

Big Stretch Reminder is a free and convenient utility that will suggest regular breaks to help you fight repetitive strain injury (RSI). You can use the program also as a means to make sure you won’t miss your coffee break!

Features: Set the amount of time between breaks * Choose between predefined or your own message(s) * Select reminder style between balloon, popup or micro-break * Pick level of intrusiveness * Option to have a sound for reminders * Increase reminders automatically to suit your work rate

A rather important annoyance with this otherwise well functioning and useful program is that it forces system sound to a certain volume level when you use the sound option for your reminders.

If you happen to enjoy your music at low level, suddenly the volume will increase, and if you have it real loud, suddenly will decrease, since the program will always bring sound volume a little above the middle level.

Download Big Stretch Reminder