Relax from intense PC use with reminders to take regular breaks, using Stretchly

Stretchly is a light, free and super simple program that reminds you to take regular breaks and avoid hurting your eyes and body by sitting for hours in front of that screen. It is easy to neglect your body absorbed as you in work or gaming, but a utility like Stretchly can help you avoid your bad self, provided of course that you let it do it.

Stretchly uses a system tray icon you won’t find in your way but only if you search for it to change the settings, pause the timer or restart it.

A nice feature of this tool is that it won’t become too bold, denying you access to your PC before you take a break. It just pops up a reminder, and if you decide to ignore it, you close it and keep using your PC postponing your break.

Note also that you are the one who decides how often to take a break and for how long. And when your break is over, Stretchly calls you back to your PC playing a sound!

Download Stretchly