If WordWeb refuses to startup with Windows when you log on

WordWeb is a dictionary I refuse to ignore. It is easy, it is accurate, rich in definitions, offering many synonyms, even pronunciation guides and sounds, etc.

A most important feature of WordWeb is the option to start with Windows (offered in its Preferences), this way being instantly available to run with a keyboard shortcut and automatically explaining a selected keyword. Although this option works fine for a while, when some time passes it changes without reason and WordWeb stops starting with Windows!

Checking again the Startup option in the Preferences enables this feature until the time comes when it is disabled by itself! To solve this problem, disable auto start in the Preferences, and create a shortcut to WordWeb in a Startup folder of the Windows Start Menu (Press Win+R and write: shell:startup to open a Startup folder).

Note that the path to WordWeb needs to end with a startup parameter in order for the program to run minimized in the system tray, e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\WordWeb\wweb32.exe” -startup. Enjoy!