Manage events and tasks in categories, with reminders, using UK Kalender

UK’s Kalender is a free program able to remind you of upcoming events and todos. There are several views for your dates that are organized similarly to a calendar sheet. Independent from the calendar function there is also a todo list where you can enter tasks with a deadline and a forewarn time.

Features: Automatic saving; Unlimited Undo and Redo; Minimize to the system tray; Network support; Repeating events; Forewarn time and snooze function; Multi day events; Event categories and templates; Acoustic reminders; Event driven program execution and document opening; Marking and hiding events; Events can be displayed in week-, fortnight-, month- or year-view;

Alarms may be deactivated all at once, so your game, film etc. won’t be interrupted; All views can easily be configured to present the information the way you want; Search and filter functions; Events and todos can be copied to the clipboard and may be pasted back to any word processor or “UK’s Kalender” itself; Export to HTML- and CSV-format;

Holidays for one or more countries can be displayed right in the calendar. Various holiday modules are available. If your country is missing, you can define a holiday module yourself using a special holiday editor.

Download UK Kalender, Download Holiday Modules, Download Holiday Editor