Organize notes and tasks, even with media and reminders, using InfoWonder

InfoWonder is a free personal information organizer, able to store many different types of information: word processed memos, voice/audio “notes”, web pages, pictures; it also offers user-created fill-in forms to simplify repetitive data entry. InfoWonder’s reminder can pop up a reminder on any item in an InfoWonder file. Reminders can be one-time or recurring at almost any conceivable interval.

Features: Organize your items into a hierarchical format using topics, subtopics and folders; Set single or recurring reminders associated with any item; Automatically insert the date, time or day of week in note items; Create hyperlinks to URL’s, audio files or other items within your data collection; Record and playback audio using any audio input available (CD, microphone, etc.);

Use a power search that can find words within any item, including actual web pages; Import notes from Forty Software’s Note Wonder program; Automatic reminder to backup your notes – backups can include all pertinent registry information; Print item contents and/or list of items; Customize the sounds, colors, toolbars, and layout; Spell check your note items with the built-in spelling checker; Virtual folders can track media and program files in your system, including the ability to launch them; plugins.

* For a simpler solution, check this Power Do Task Manager Desktop Gadget