Disable Windows 10 Explorer Rotate Left and Right options easily

You may prefer to get rid of these two context menu entries in Windows Explorer, that is Rotate Left and Rotate Right, appearing when you right click your images.

I needed the letter L for another application whenever I right clicked images, and Rotate Left stole it. I pressed L to perform a different task only to find out that my image has just been rotated, adding this way a second task for me, to undo this rotation and fix my image! What a mess!

Besides this, whenever I need to rotate one or more images I just use Irfan View, that opens instantly and lets me preview Rotation results better.

It’s easy to remove those two Rotation entries from the context menu of Windows Explorer if you don’t need them. Just download a registry file and run it to apply the necessary configuration to Windows. You can first open the file with the Notepad to review changes, if you are familiar with examining registry files.

A second registry file (included in the same zip archive) reverts the changes and brings back the Rotate Left and Rotate Right context menu entries. Enjoy!

Download the Rotate Left and Right removal registry files