Create educational exercises, puzzles, crosswords, and more, with JClic

JClic is a free collection of apps that let you design educational activities such as puzzles, crosswords, picture associations with certain words, questionnaires, and more. Note that to use this program you need to have the Java environment installed.

The program allows for extensive personalization according to schools, authors, etc, while one of its most important features is the support of revisions along with comments for each revision.

There is nothing difficult in using JClic, just run it and you are ready to run exercises, read instructions and use everything needed to examine and advance student work.

JClic of course is able also to let you create reports for work progress. Its reports appear as HTML in the browser. Just in case you find the program more complex and difficult than you thought it was, there is no problem since detailed documentation is also available.

Download JClic