Download ReStartMe, to re-run terminated or crashed processes

ReStartMe is a free program that will guard processes you define, and restart them if they are terminated. It’s not unusual for Windows, especially under heavy multi-tasking work, to close a process accidentally. ReStartMe will let you select currently running or any other processes, and have them monitored, so that if one of them closes the program will restart it automatically.

Features: Select from running processes * Start a new process by browsing for an executable file * Multiple processes may be watched simultaneously * Minimizes to system tray * Password protect the window so that others can’t add or remove processes from the watch list, nor close ReStartMe * Ability to remember processes between uses

ReStartMe is a clever and original application, but unfortunately its developer abandoned the project. The current version has some problems, since ReStartMe tries to connect to its web site to check for upgrades without the consent of the user and without providing an option to disable it. Problems become more serious if you use the PC Tools Firewall. Each time ReStartMe attempts a connection this Firewall will popup a message saying that the binaries of the program have changed and asking again for permission to allow ReStartMe to connect to the internet. There is no point in checking the “always allow” option, because a binaries change will always trigger this popup.

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