Solving a verification image problem in Dagon Design Form Mailer plugin

If on your WordPress blog you happen to use the plugin version of Dagon Design secure php form mailer script, which worked fine so far, but now it does not display the verification image, chances are that you have changed your permalinks structure.

Check if you have the correct configuration in the plugin’s options, but most probably whatever you change in the options, the problem with the verification image remains.

Here is what may help. Open in a simple text editor, such as notepad, the plugin itself (normally the “dd-formmailer.php” file) from the plugins directory at your blog. Search for the line:


Does your current permalinks structure include the /index.php/ part in the path? Then try adding this part to the script above, i.e. make the line above like this:


and see if now the verification image appears.

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