Save zoom and layout settings for different Word documents

If you happen to work with several Word documents you may be annoyed by the fact that Word saves automatically the view settings of your last edited document and makes these settings global! Next time you open any Word document, it will follow the view settings of the document you edited last time you worked!

You can have Word remember particular zoom and layout settings for each of your documents by using a free and safe template. Download and place it in the Startup folder of Word (you can find the address of the Startup folder by going to “File Locations” in the Advanced options of Word).

After you place this template in Word’s startup folder, next time you open Word it will remember your custom settings for each of your documents, automatically; you don’t have to configure anything at all.

Besides this and in case this won’t work all the times, you can place your favorite zoom setting at the ribbon or / and associate it with a keyboard shortcut in order to activate it easily whenever necessary. You will find zoom settings at Word Options > Customize Ribbon > All commands.