Leave a Reply: Change this WordPress invitation

If your WordPress blog is not interested in “replies”, but in comments, opinions, reviews, messages…, you might be confused that you are not allowed to change this, at least not in an obvious and easy way.

It isn’t only possible though, it is also relatively easy, if you are careful.

Open the file functions.php (included in the directory of your theme) and add this function:

function comment_reform ($arg) {
$arg['title_reply'] = __('Leave a Comment or Whatever you want, but NOT a Reply!');
return $arg;

The problem is where to paste these lines exactly, in order not to damage the functions of your blog. If you are not familiar with php, perhaps it would be safe to find some other function (“function this and that() etc”) and paste this a line before that function. Most probably this will be a place that won’t cause any problems. Take care that nothing, not a word or a symbol, lies between the two functions, the one should follow the other immediately.