How to use DivXLand Media Subtitler

To start synchronizing the captions with the video, select the starting caption and hit the player’s Play button. Let the video play, and when the selected text line is about to be spoken in the video, press and hold the Apply button until the line was spoken completely. The next line will be automatically selected to use it next.

You can also use the Manual mode, in which you must use the Start, Next and End buttons to do the same thing. In this mode you can use the available keyboard shortcuts defined at the Keyboard shortcuts section from the General Settings dialog to control the video playback and the captions application process.

To completely synchronize an existing subtitle file with incorrect timing, it is recommended to remove the entire timing (from the Edit menu) before starting the resynch process.


At any moment you can select the Preview option and start playing the video to see the result of the synchronization process. To automatically select the applied subtitle during preview mode, enable the Follow subtitles during preview option at the Subtitle Preview Settings panel. During preview mode you can add, edit and remove captions on the fly.

Notice: The preview mode requires a high CPU usage, therefore, it is recommended to close unused programs running in the background to make the media playback smoother.