How to use DivXLand Media Subtitler


After synchronizing the opened file partially or totally, you can save it as a subtitle file from the File menu. To allow filters like the VobSub Subtitler Filter to automatically load the subtitles regardless of the player used, the saved subtitle file must have the same name as the video file. Below are examples of ready to use subtitle files.

Notice, now you can add the language name before the extension, and most players will still load automatically the subtitles. To use these subtitles with any media player, the author recommends to install the DirectVobSub filter, included in the DivX Total Pack at the DivXLand’s Software section.

If some captions are still without timing, Media Subtitler will ask the user to discard all the captions beyond the first non-timed caption point. However, if you choose to save the entire file including possible non-timed captions, this file will be already valid and usable to view a subtitled video, because captions without timing are actually saved with a timing of zero.

Note: Since version 1.6.4, line break point indicators can be selected from the Settings menu to different presets or an user defined combination of characters.


Automatic timing settings

Since version 1.7.0 the old Automatic timing limit feature has been replaced with Caption length determines its duration time under the Timing Management section.