How to use DivXLand Media Subtitler

Corrections and the Report

Accordingly to the values defined at the Timing Corrections section, a caption with a duration shorter than the maximum allowed will have its disappear time increased.

Such increase could cause a collision with the next caption, in which case the caption colliding with the modified one will have its appear time delayed to avoid the collision.

Resuming: If the generated Report after loading a file contains too many line collisions caused by the timing modifications, you can either:

* Set smaller values for appear time per character * Set a larger tolerance for the caption’s duration * Disable automatic durations or do not apply this rule on file load

Automatic duration times are specially useful during subtitling process. With this option enabled in the subtitling process, after pressing the Apply or Start button, the end time of the selected caption will be instantly determined and the button temporarily disabled while the caption is being displayed on screen.