Use Engineering, Scientific and Financial modes with WiseCalc advanced mathematical calculator

WiseCalc is a complete mathematical text engine calculator, featuring multi-line text-editor type of interface; 450+ unit conversions and hundreds of functions built-in; can save and open calculation pages; can evaluate built-in and user definable functions, units, constants, and matrices

WiseCalc Supports evaluation of complex in-line mathematical expressions ; Evaluation of the Inverse, Prime Factors, and Decimal to Fraction automatically; Ability to use built-in or user defined constants in mathematical expressions; Standard, Engineering, Scientific, and Financial modes; All types of Trigonometric functions built in with Radian and Degree modes;

Supports calculating and working with imaginary numbers in Rectangular, Polar, or Rectangular Sum modes; Evaluation of mathematical expressions in number bases 2 – 16 (decimal: 10 is the default); Ability to Save, Open and Pring CalcPages; Built-in Gaussian Jordan Elimination; Take the Inverse and Transpose of Matrices; Row-by-Row operations (add multiplies of rows to other rows, divide rows, switch rows); Ability to use Greek symbols in user defined Functions and Constants; Ability to change font size, color, and style in CalcPages.

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