Disable Accessibility and Reading Out features in Adobe Acrobat

You may not need Acrobat’s accessibility features, in which case they can become really annoying.

For example, I happen to use WordWeb to look up synonyms using the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+W. Unfortunately Acrobat uses the same shortcut to activate a reading out loud feature, always popping up a message asking how I want this or that voice to read the document, etc.

Obviously Adobe didn’t care to provide a simple option for us to disable accessibility features. If for any reason you prefer to disable them, even temporarily, go to Acrobat’s installation folder, usually at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat version\Acrobat\, enter the plug_ins subfolder and move / backup three files to a folder in Your Documents. The files are Accessibility.api, ReadOutLoud.api and MakeAccessible.api

Restart Acrobat and try to use an accessibility feature. A warning will pop up notifying you that these features are not available. Check the little box that dismisses the warning forever (never show up again), press OK, and enjoy!