How to use eMule: searching, selecting versions, checking integrity

First of all, forget about all these buttons and options! It’s not even necessary to have a special user-name; just choose the directory where eMule will store your downloads. You do by going to “Options” > “Directories” and browsing for the folder where you want your downloads to arrive. After that,

1. Ensure eMule servers are updated. Go to Options > Server, and mark the option “Auto-update server list at startup”. Then press the Search button; in eMule’s search page again forget all options and take care of the following:

2. At the “Name” input-box write what you want to download. If a song, write the name of the artist and some words of the title, e.g. Beatles Submarine. You don’t need to write the full title of the song. In fact, the less words you write, the more results you are going to have. You must write more words only if less is vague. E.g. If you write just “submarine” you will not find only Beatles.

3. At the “Type” box, if you want a single song select “Audio”, but select “Archive” if you want an album or a complete discography.

4. At the “Method” box select “Kad Network” for your first search, and if you don’t find much, select “Global (servers)”.

5. Press “Start” to let your search begin. Results arrive, and here many people are confused even more, not knowing what to do with these results. Read carefully and you will see that it is not that difficult.