Use data for Solvents, Solutions, Elements, Biochemistry, Spectroscopy, Calculations, with ChemToolbox Chemistry helpers

ChemToolBox will be a great help, whether you are a chemist, a biochemist or a polymer chemist. It provides scientific data organized in sections, including Solvents, Solutions, Elements, Biochemistry, Spectroscopy, Calculations.

Solvents provide: molar mass, volumic mass, melting point, boiling point, refractive index, CAS number, chemical structure, solubility in water, non-miscibility, relative miscibility, 1H and 13C NMR, mass spectrometry, drying agents and cooling mixtures.

Solutions provide: pKa of more than 140 acid/base couples, oxydo-reduction equations and associated potentials of more than 540 RedoX couples, pH areas of numerous colored indicators (acid/base and fluorescence), and more.

Elements provide: picture, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, oxydation number, family, state, crystal structure, melting point, boiling point, density, electronegativity, and more.

Biochemistry: natural and synthetic amino acids (code, formula, molar mass, melting point, pKa, pKb, pKc, isoelectric point, solubility), nitrogen bases (formula, molar mass, pKa, solubility), and more.

Spectroscopy provides the 1H and 13C NMR chemical shifts of several thousands of organic molecules (from the scientific literature) classified by functionnal groups. Besides, it also contains IR spectroscopy data on charts of in a table of values.

Calculations deals with SI units et derivatives (space/time, mecanical, temperature/heat, electromagnetism, molecular physics, radiations), constants (universal, electromagnetic, atomic/nuclear, physico-chemical, mathematical), and more.