Batch resize images by default or custom profiles, even with preview, using FreeSizer

FreeSizer is a free and convenient application that will let you resize your pictures. You can drag and drop one or more photos into a list, select a resizing profile and click a button to resize them. It is not necessary to customize height, width and compression settings, if the pre-configured profiles, ready for most popular uses, are enough for you.

Features: Drag&drop operation * Built-in preview to test resizing settings * Batch resize multiple images * High quality resizing algorithm * Pre-configured resizing profiles * Custom profile option * Automatic file naming * Your original are never changed.

You can add images from several folders. To resize images for email, use the “E-mail” profile, to optimize for Facebook (or similar sites), use the “Social Networks” settings… etc. If you are adding a large number of images, you can turn off file size estimation for faster performance. Double-click on any image in the list to have a preview of the resized version.

By default, your resized images are saved to the same folder as the original. They will have  _resized    appended to their original file name. You can also save resized images to a different folder and customize  file naming.