Download Free ImBatch to monitor, convert, touch, watermark, and more, a series of images

ImBatch is a powerful, free (for personal use) and convenient image batch processor for Windows, featuring a “Task Structure” that will let you combine tasks to make a processing sequence. Multithreaded processing mode is available in licensed version only.

You can add commands to the Windows context menu, by using the ImBatch Context Menu Editor, supplied by ImBatch. That enables you to edit images without leaving Windows Explorer. ImBatch has a Script Editor, that can be used to configure the image processing more flexibly.

Image Monitor allows you to monitor the images in several directories and automatically apply tasks, when old images are changed or new appeare.

There is an internal tag editor that supports about 70 different EXIF/IPTC tags. ImBatch supports 112 image formats, more than you will ever use! The program allows you to work separately with frames of multipage images (GIF, TIFF, DICOM and so on).

You can see the result of your tasks for each image before processing. You can further automate image processing with command line parameters

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