Morph and warp easily in photos or even movies, with WinMorph

WinMorph is a free and powerful program that lets you perform warping and morphing in photos and (as a plugin in Wax video editor) to movies. WinMorph is among the best programs of its kind.

The program’s interface is not exciting, nor ugly, but it is simple, pleasant enough and convenient. You won’t face any problem to use WinMorph for your projects.

For warping you just select the area that you want unchanged in both photos and the program replace the remaining areas. For morphing select in both photos the areas you want to combine in a transition and the program performs the rest. The same is possible for movies, provided that you use WinMorph as a plugin with Wax and through Wax with Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Pure Motion EditStudio.

Download WinMorph