Extract archives in monitored folders, even moving them elsewhere, with ExtractNow

ExtractNow is a free and efficient application that will let you extract multiple archives easily. You can drag and drop them into the program’s window, or right-click on them in Windows Explorer. ExtractNow supports ZIP, RAR and some more formats. It can also monitor one or more folders and unzip the archives as soon as they appear on those folders.

Especially if you download archives all the time in one or more folders, you will find ExtractNow a great utility that will save you a lot of trouble. Just keep downloading and ExtractNow will monitor your download folders, extract each archive in a separate folder automatically, and finally open the folders of the extracted archives to let you enjoy the crop.

The program can be annoying, though, since it pops up balloon tips all the time at the system tray, even when no extraction occurs, just because a file was dropped on a monitored folder, or deleted, etc.

Features: Monitor directories for archives and automatically extract them * Windows Explorer integration through file type associations and context menus * Support for advanced customization through the use of Lua scripting * Startup / Minimize to system tray * Sends archives that were successfully extracted to the recycle bin * Select a path to move archives to once extraction is completed successfully * Extracts archives contained within archives * includes archives matching the mask and excludes all others * Automatically extract new archives that are found while monitoring directories * Define and use your own extraction processor * Supports all archive formats.