Windows vs Apple: which is the best OS of the two?

If you ask Apple fans why Windows is so popular, while only a 5% use Apple, you are likely to have whatever answers – except for the simple one, that Windows is a better operating system.

The success of Windows is a result of many factors – from flexibility in prices, due to the variety of the companies involved, to the wealth of options when building a PC, ensuring a more customized and personal computing experience. On the Apple side everything is carbon copy, your computer will be exactly the same with your neighbour’s, if you both buy Apple.

Besides this, at the Apple side one can find far less programs, free or not, even face compatibility problems trying to communicate with users of a Windows PC that is the vast majority.

Using an Apple is a misery, even if those were the only reasons – yet, what I’d like to emphasize here is that the superiority of the OS itself is a crucial factor of its success.

Windows helps you do the same or even more things with your computer, offering more (and usually more efficient) ways to do these things.

Here is just a few indicative remarks about the first moments of using those system, the decisive moments, when one tries to find a way into the functions of a computer.


Opening a Windows computer one sees a taskbar with no menus at all, featuring just an icon, which opens the Start menu.

Apple presents a top menu bar, –which cannot be moved anywhere!, but only stays at the top edge of the screen! — a way that is not superior, not even close to the convenience of the Windows Start menu.

Windows 8 Metro builds on the Start concept, with descriptive tiles instead of cryptic menus or icons.


Apple Finder is a mess. Even Spotlight, although in the right direction as a concept, in action tends to be confusing. Compare Spotlight with Windows Search, and you will know immediately the huge difference between them in the accuracy of results and the clean way in which these results are presented in Windows.


Try to play some audio files. In Windows you can just select a folder, right click on it, and immediately have it loaded in a player. Nothing like that on OSX. Even playing music needs effort.

As for stability, here is what a user writes: “Working with my Windows PC from home for a few days due to illness I didn’t have any of the frustrations or anxiety about work-destroying bugs that I’ve felt with Yosemite for the past three months.”

“I’m not concerned with issues like the controversy over Metro… I’m talking about getting work done with apps like Chrome, Word, and Photoshop. In Windows, those apps and the overall operating system run great. In Yosemite, the entire experience is littered with bugs, slowdowns, and outright system lockups.”

Search as much as you like: you will find nothing at all that makes the Apple OS better than Windows – on the contrary! If you are thinking about getting an Apple computer, my advice is to think about it again and again…

Apple Users Say:

The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago.” – Steve Jobs, Fortune, Feb. 19, 1996.

“I was supportive of the underdog Apple for LONG TIME (since the Apple IIe) but finally just had enough of the built in planned obsolescence, and the constant mistreatment and manipulation of their customers…”

“Mac sucks, I’ve had a PC and a Macbook and that is my unbiased opinion. If Apple ever decided to get their shit together and makes a decent OS/Computer I’d be happy to give it a chance…”

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  1. Megan says:

    True…just too bad, you couldn’t have written this better. Macs are terrible.