Download DPC Latency Checker, to protect audio and video streams from crackles and dropouts

DPC Latency Checker is a free (for personal use) utility that will analyse the ability of your computer to handle real-time data streams properly. It may help to find the cause for interruptions in real-time audio and video streams, also known as drop-outs.

If any kernel-mode device driver in your Windows system is implemented improperly and causes excessive latencies of Deferred Procedure Calls (DPCs) then probably drop-outs will occur when you use real-time audio or video streaming applications.

Using DPC Latency Checker may be helpful in the following situations if you experience interruptions (drop-outs) in a flow of data processed in real-time, for example an audio stream, video stream or a sequence of measuring data, and you want to find out the reason for this problem, if you just want to verify that your Windows system is configured properly so that it is capable of handling real-time data transfer before you install the corresponding streaming application, or when you want to check if a particular computer system is suitable for streaming applications, for example before you buy this system.

You can find out the driver which causes the excessive DPC latencies by disabling individual devices using Windows Device Manager. In Device Manager disable individual devices, one at a time. To enable a device again, choose Enable from the context menu. After you disable a device, carefully watch DPC Latency Checker. When excessive latency values disappear you found the responsible device driver. If there are still exceptional large DPC latencies try the next device.

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