Weight loss reloaded: a smart, safe and easy way to get thin!

One morning I woke up and found myself FAT! I never was! But I’m not 20 years old anymore, and I can’t eat as if I were! The results were so obvious and so awful, even neighbors started telling me! I needed to do something, and this book helped a lot!

Steven Adams, Losing Weight

I believe that if you don’t want to lose weight, nothing can help. I mean really want, not thinking that you want, not crying and eating more!, not complaining and cursing yourself, still eating more!, but really want…

The main advantage of this book is that it lets you understand how to defeat the problem behind gaining weight or overeating. I had not realized what I did! Anyone wanting to lose weight must first realize that the objective should never be only to lose weight, but to get rid of the problem that is behind weight gain.

Losing weight can be a smart and even pleasant endeavor like a game; this book explains probable traps and difficulties, as well as effective and even easy ways to overcome them. Losing Weight comes at cost price, it’s a pleasure to read, and it proposes a path that works!

Even if you are not overweight or obese you may like to read it, just to have an extra help in your efforts to keep your normal weight, or just for its special recipes, since it will help you try some really tasty and healthy recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Losing Weight - The Smart and Safe way

* The book lets you understand how to defeat the problem behind gaining weight or overeating
* It helps you feel your efforts for losing weight as a positive and gratifying experience
* It introduces you allies you can use in this fight
* It lets you learn your ideal weight
* I supports you in forming yourself a weekly schedule that works best for you
* It gives you healthy and nutritious recipes along with a knowledge of the calories contained in several foods

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