Enjoy secure peer to peer sharing and safe torrent downloads, with Tribler

Tribler is a free torrent client able to follow torrent and magnet links or let you share any file you want. The interesting thing about Tribler is the anonymity it provides by following the known Tor methods using proxy connections. To obtain this security level you need to sacrifice some speed.

The program features a modern dark interface. Of course, its search abilities are limited, just as happens with all torrent clients. In most cases you have to find your downloads on torrent sites and get them with Tribler. It is able also to register itself as the default program for torrents and magnet links.

To share your own files you can create your own channel and create a list of files you’d like to share.

I must say that I prefer simpler and more convenient torrent clients, like bittorrent, however, if anonymity is important to you, just give Tribler a try.

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