How to avoid receiving a copy of sent mail to your gmail inbox

I don’t understand exactly when this started, but suddenly I was receiving copies of sent email messages not only in my “Sent” folder but also in Gmail inbox.

This strange behavior can become really annoying, not only because you get a useless copy of your message, but also because wanting it or not you have this impression that you sent a message to yourself instead of sending it to the person you wanted to communicate with.

You can avoid the feeling of insecurity and stop receiving copies of your sent messages to your Inbox, by just changing a simple setting in Gmail.

Go to your Gmail Settings > Accounts and import > Send mail as. You can see there an option to “Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses”. You see there one or more of your non-Gmail addresses. Select the “edit” option at the right of each of those addresses and make sure for none of them the option “treat as alias” is checked. Of course you can also delete the extra addresses if you don’t need to use Gmail to send messages from other email addresses.