Study the Greek New Testament Vocabulary with Ginosko Flash Cards

This little freeware program is called Ginosko Greek (=I know Greek). It contains all the words and definitions from Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek and is organized into decks corresponding to the book chapters.

Ginosko Greek keeps track of your progress, and organizes the words into categorized decks based on how well you know each word. This helps you avoid wasting time on words you know well and shows you exactly which words need the most review.

If you don’t wish to review Greek from Mounce or if you don’t have the book, the categorization of cards and the ability to make custom decks allows an alternate way of working through the vocabulary.  As you can sort words either alphabetically or by their organization in Mounce’s chapters, it is easy to create decks of words in ways that are most helpful for you.

The program provides the means to memorize and review nearly 80% of the word occurrences in the Greek New Testament.