An easy way to test and apply new wallpapers on Android phones

I know there are all those fancy apps that would rotate wallpapers, download a random picture, etc. What if you don’t like all those selections you cannot control, or what if you have yourself this great collection of wallpapers and you don’t need to browse tons of files until you find a wallpaper you really like? Skipping automatic modes and also skipping wallpaper changers that come with their own selections, here is what I found that works best.

Launchers and other apps that include an option to apply a new wallpaper to your phone usually suffer from this very annoying problem. When you select an album or any other location to find and apply a wallpaper, if you change your mind, going back won’t put you to the last selected location but to the root, where you need again to locate a folder and then some other folder until you find your collection again to choose another image! Wow! I’m tired even thinking about it!

To overcome this problem and test-drive your images until you decide which one you’d like to use as a wallpaper in the home or / and in the lock screen, just use the official Gallery app, no need to install anything else!

Gallery lets you view your wallpapers at a size that fits the screen, which is the closest possible to real wall view, and if you apply some image to confirm that you like it even with the icons and widgets at the top of it, going back to try another image would return you not only to the previously selected folder but also to the exact same image inside of it to continue browsing your images at the exact point where you had stopped. This way I was able to browse a lot of images really fast!