Smart mute audio and video that plays automatically in Chrome browser

If you find annoying that a site starts to play this video without your permission, welcome to the club! As you may have noticed Chrome offers relevant options that are not convenient, since you have to mute everything, otherwise you have to add to a list each and every site you want to mute!

There is a better way though to handle this auto-play annoyance, a free extension that is able to learn not only what you don’t want to hear automatically, but also what you want to hear.

All sites are muted the moment they start to play anything without your explicit permission, but you are also simultaneously asked if you prefer not to “ban” a site, or even to let it play whatever it plays just for this time (next time you open it is going to be muted again).

The extension places an icon at the usual Chrome toolbar where you can easily see when a site is muted. Clicking this icon mutes or unmutes a site instantly.

Add Clever Mute to Chrome browser