Install on a sandbox and be safe from malware or mistakes, with Sandboxie

Sandboxie is one of the best “sandbox” applications, easy to use and powerful. Sandboxie is free but with nags. The Sandboxie sandbox works like a transparency layer. Programs write on the transparency layer and to them it looks like the real paper. When you delete the sandbox, it’s like removing the transparency layer, the unchanged, real paper is revealed.

Sandboxie should certainly be complemented by the more traditional anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. These solutions can let you know if your system does become infected in any way. Typically, those other solutions employ various forms of pattern matching to discover malicious software and other threats. Sandboxie, on the other hand, quite simply does not trust any software code enough to let it out of the sandbox.

Sandboxie works on all of the recent versions of Windows and needs only a small amount of memory. Applications can never access hardware such as disk storage directly, they have to ask the OS to do it for them. Since Sandboxie integrates into the OS, it can do what it does without risk of being circumvented.

Your system (outside the sandbox) must not have been already compromised by an installed key-logger. Sandboxie can not protect against key-loggers that are already running outside the sandbox.