Detect and save non-microsoft drivers, with Smart Driver Backup

Smart Driver Backup is a free, fast and easy to use program that will detect non-microsoft drivers that you use on your PC and save them to a backup location your will define. If you happen to reinstall Windows you can easily install also the missing non-microsoft device drivers just as if you had them on the original installation CDs.

Most of us don’t bother about setup disks, knowing that everything can be found online, to the web sites of the companies which made the devices. However, upon installation of Windows, since even internet may face problems to work, it would be nice to have basic drivers for your monitor, the graphics card, etc., and Smart Driver Backup is really fast.

It will automatically detect your non-microsoft drivers the moments it starts, so that you don’t have much to do; just press the save button to select a folder and create your backup.

Each driver goes to its own sub-folder under a name you can understand, and a log file is created in the root of your backup folder.