The One and Single thing you can do to lose weight easily and rapidly!

There is a critical suggestion missing from The Safe and Smart Path to Losing Weight, a book that helped me a lot to understand fat related issues. If we are willing to lose weight, we must first understand what our enemy is, and this book doesn’t fail to warn us that we fight against gluttony, against the urge to satisfy our appetite and enjoy food as much as possible. This is why, trying to lose weight, we wish we had a weaker appetite and we try to find some ways to postpone the feeling of being hungry.

As is also said in that book, drinking water, coffee, even exercising can reduce hunger or at least help us to avoid feeling hungry when we are really thirsty, etc. All this can help a lot, but there is a single thing incomparably better! When I realized what I needed to do, I started losing weight rapidly, at so fast a pace that I didn’t believe it was even possible before!

We eat to support our health, but we overeat only to enjoy, because we like the taste of our favorite food. Which is also the reason why we tend to ignore healthy but not that tasty food, craving for a pizza, etc.

Here is what you should do to lose weight without even trying to! Next time you feel hungry ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Then give yourself this choice: “If you are hungry, OK, let me offer you a nice and healthy sesame seed candy, or some dried figs!” If all of a sudden your hunger goes away, if you realize that you wouldn’t really like to have this sort of food, you are not hungry! A person that is really hungry would NEVER deny some dried figs or an apple.

At all times have available food that you like modestly, food that never makes you crave for it, and offer this food to yourself whenever you feel hungry. You will be surprised at how many hours can pass before you really want to eat that food. The time you crave for a piece of pizza or for spaghetti and the like, offer yourself pears, and when you happen to crave also for pears!, then it’s indeed the time to eat whatever, of course always avoiding excess and preferring the healthiest food as much as possible.