Fix easily VGA to TV distortion problems

If you connect your PC to your TV to view a photo gallery, you may face this strange problem. Although your image viewer is rightly configured to fit your images to screen width or height in full screen mode keeping the aspect ratio (not stretching them), all of your images appear distorted, wider or taller than the original. The same images using the same image viewer appear just fine in your PC monitor!

Do not try to discover those secret settings in your viewer or install some other viewer, the problem is different.

Right click on your Desktop to open the Screen Resolution dialogue. In the window that opens you see both your PC and your TV screens. When you click the Resolution options for your TV screen you see various possible settings. You need to experiment with this, starting from the highest possible resolution and changing to the next one until you find the resolution that stops this image distortion.

In my case the TV monitor can receive from the PC a signal of 1600×1200 resolution. I needed to change this to 1366×768 in order to let my TV display the original aspect ratio.