Lock your PC while you are away, even against a reboot, with DeskLock

DeskLock is a free and portable application that will let you lock your computer when you leave it unattended. It shows a lock screen, disabling any user from accessing your pc. You can lock your PC by double clicking on DesktopLock.exe. To unlock the computer you must enter the correct password you have defined.

Unlike other similar porgrams LuJoSoft DeskLock won’t be affected by Ctrl+Alt+Del or even a system reset.

Features: Portable * Quick and safe computer lock * Screen transparency * 3 tries to enter password * Protected against Ctrl+Alt+Del or a system reset * Protected against force closing using “Alt F4” * You can change your passsword any time * All processes will continue to work while the screen is locked * It will protect your computer even after incorrect shutdown e.g. when somebody turns off the power.

You may also like to try Super Sleep, that will automatically activate the power save mode of your monitor, to let it wake up again only when you press a certain keyboard shortcut.