Move easily the keyboard cursor of your phone anywhere in your text with dedicated keys

What a pain, what a disaster, to use your hand in order to grab and move the keyboard cursor of your phone to delete, change, add a letter at some point in your text. I really can’t understand what kind of geniuses conceived this way of moving the cursor, however you can overcome this problem easily.

Of course, the best way of moving the cursor in the text is the one we already use on our computers, that is the dedicated arrows. Regarding the smartphone’s cursor, however, two arrows are enough, for the moment, since we don’t write vast amounts of text.

Even if not the ideal option of 4 arrows, at least the 2 arrows solution, two keys that would move the cursor to the left or to the right anywhere you like to make some change in your text, is absolutely great, necessary, most welcome.

You can have two dedicated keys, two arrows, a left and a right arrow, in the virtual keyboard of your smartphone, by just just using SwiftKey, that is Microsoft’s keyboard. To activate the two arrows option go to the keyboard’s detailed Settings > Typing keys, tap to activate the “arrow keys” option, and enjoy!