List index out of bounds Error Code=0 while splitting audio file with a cue sheet

This is a horrible error you might suffer while you split an audio file to its cue defined audio tracks. If you encounter this error, you will not be able to divide your large audio file to all of its separate tracks. You might end up with only some (even most) of the tracks contained in your ripped disk, but unable to have all of them.

A solution to this would be to download some other version of your disk, hoping that this will have no faults. If you find one, go on, otherwise there is still a very easy way to get things done — in 6 easy steps:

1) If your audio file is in any other format than mp3, convert it to mp3 using a freeware converter like XRecode.

2) Open your converted large mp3 file with mp3DirectCut.

3) Go to Special > Pause Detection and define threshold level and duration.

4) Start Pause Detection and see if the program discovers correctly the silence between tracks. If the disk contains, e.g. 7 tracks, the program should find 6 silent points or pauses. Play with threshold level and pause duration until you find the correct number of pauses.

5) Go to File > Save Split and get all the tracks of your large audio file.

6) Keep those that you miss and delete the rest. Then combine all your tracks, those coming from your initial (cue sheet defined) conversion with those coming from mp3DirectCut and open them with Mp3Tag to add proper tags and/or rename them.