Analyze boot times to determine speed problems of your PC, with BootRacer

BootRacer is a free (for personal use) and powerful utility that lets you examine boot time and how to make it shorter!

The program is more complex than you would imagine, but if you wanted just to know boot time the native Windows Task Manager would be fine. BootRacer lets you test easily the speed difference between normal boot and boot without your startup programs.

To use BootRacer you need to have all your programs closed and your documents saved, because it will boot your PC.

Note that BootRacer measures only Windows boot, disregarding Bios and Password completion time. You have also the option of comparing your PC’s time with other PCs or with previous records of your own PC. If you’d like to try making your PC boot faster, the program suggests other program you can download and use.

Download BootRacer