Monitor the status of a web site for server down problems with Monitey

Most of web hosting companies guarantee 100% availability of a web site, however, it is well known that this won’t happen in reality. Even if a server is indeed that reliable, maintenance needs or even problems in the network at large would make your site unavailable.

Monitey is a free and light application that will let you monitor the status of your web site, see if your site is available, or if a problem makes it inaccessible to your visitors.

Monitey keeps a log of your site’s status, and will alert you whenever it goes down. You can define time intervals for Monitey to check your site.

Monitey will let you have a list of web addresses to check for their status — but, it will let you check only one at a time. If you host your site(s) to more than one servers, you won’t be able to check for all of these addresses simultaneously.