Download VbrFix, to repair MP3 files that report wrong time length

VBR (Variable Bit Rate) MP3 files may report false time length.

Many MP3 programs estimate the duration of an MP3 based on the first bitrate they find and file size, but when jumping through a file the positions aren’t the same.

Half way through a VBR mp3 file, may not be half way through the song. VBR MP3s often have a special tag at the beginning to inform the player about how to treat the VBR file.

VbrFix is a small and effective utility that can create/replace this special tag. It can also be used to remove unrecognized data from the mp3 and spot other problems.

I use this program again and again, and every time works fine, saves me a lot of trouble. VbrFix is a reliable and very useful application, if you use VBR mp3 files.

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7 Responses

  1. Liam says:

    Had an hour long mp3 that I couldn’t shift the time marker on. This took about 30secs to fix after downloading this software. Worked absolutely perfectly.

  2. Koen says:

    I had some mp3’s that I couldn’t write to a CD because the burning software claimed the length of the tracks was to long. This was fixed in under 30 seconds using VBRFix. Just brilliant.

  3. carlos says:

    Perfect! I also had an mp3 that claimed the length was 5:35 sec. Actually was 1:06 seconds.Fixed it under 30 seconds and improved the sound quality at that. Worked like a charm!

  4. Ankit Jadav says:

    Thanks! this helped me a lot with a flash player.

  5. Sorin Acela says:

    All I got was a lot of “skipped” and “failed”. It fixed nothing.

  6. Dear Sorin, I’m really surprised, because many users, including myself, fixed a lot of mp3 files with this utility. Are you sure your files are not damaged in other ways, besides wrong time length?

  7. Geir says:

    Had a couple of audiobooks that reported duration at 4 – 5 minutes pr file, while the actual duration was in excess of one hour each… Went from “impossible to use” to “working like a charm” in a few minutes with this brilliant program, thanks a lot, VbrFix!