Most important Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Basic keyboard shortcuts for MS Outlook it would be useful to know:

Ctrl+R Reply to a message
Ctrl+M Send & Receive
Ctrl+N Start A New Message
Ctrl+Enter Send current message
Ctrl+Shift+I Switch to in-box
Ctrl+Shift+O Switch to out-box
Ctrl+Shift+R Reply All to a message
Ctrl+Shift+A Create a new appointment
Ctrl+Shift+M Create a new message
Ctrl+Shift+U Create A Task Request
Ctrl+Shift+K Create A Task
Ctrl+Shift+V Move To Folder
Ctrl+Shift+N Create A Note
Ctrl+Shift+Q Create A Meeting Request
Ctrl+Shift+M Create A Message
Ctrl+Shift+J Create A Journal Entry
Ctrl+Shift+E Create A Folder
Ctrl+Shift+C Create A Contact
Ctrl+Shift+A Create An Appointment
Ctrl+Shift+B Open Your Address Book
Ctrl+1 Switch to Mail
Ctrl+2 Switch to Calendar
Ctrl+3 Switch to Contacts
Ctrl+4 Switch to Tasks