Some important Windows keyboard shortcuts you really need to know

Here is a list of some keyboard shortcuts you really need to know if you want to perform common tasks in Windows easily.

Win+X opens a menu at the left bottom corner of the Screen, with links to Control Panel, Computer Management, Windows Explorer (use Win+E to open Windows Explorer directly), Search (Win+F for direct access), Run (Win+R for direct access), Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc for direct access), Programs and Features (add remove), Power Options, Event Viewer, System, Device Manager, Disk Management, Command Prompt, Minimize everything to show the Desktop. All of this is available with Win+X.

You can log off or on (Sign in / out) at the Start screen (your user photo and name), and you can use the Windows Rule freeware for easy shutdown and restart.

Beyond these, you may also want to know Win+Q, to call Cortana, Win+W to open Ink Workspace, Win+I to open the Settings, Win+G for the game bar, Win+K to go wireless.