Keyboard shortcuts to control system volume with skinable alerts, using 3RVX

3RVX is a free, well designed and convenient volume control tool. When the volume changes, a skinable alert pops up with the current system volume level. 3RVX supports the use of customizable keyboard shortcuts for changing volume level. Especially if your keyboard lacks multimedia keys you will find 3RVX a very useful application.

Features: Flexible skins with alpha-transparent pngs * Volume control hotkeys that can map your keyboard’s media buttons * Display the volume level in the system tray * Notify you when drives are ejected

The program will also let you create hotkeys that eject drives, open the settings window, and exit the program. If you disable the tray icon and you can’t change the settings, run the program executable again and the settings dialog will be displayed. If your settings have caused the program to crash or become inoperable, run the “restore defaults” shortcut in the application folder, or execute 3RVX with the /defaults argument.

Note that some skins lack sound; if you want to listen to a sound each time you change volume level, you can copy the sound from some other skin and paste it in the folder of the skin that you use (usually at C:\Program Files\3RVX\Skins). Note also that sometimes 3RVX won’t work, for no apparent reason! Such problems made me use a similar but more reliable application called Volume2.